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Public Services

Services provided for use within DN42


This website is built using Hugo and is distributed across burble.dn42 core nodes.

The public internet site is hosted on de-fra1 behind CloudFlare and the source for the website is published in the burble.dn42 git.

Issue Log

A public issue log is maintained on the DN42 Registry.

Users are welcome to raise issues or enhancements via the log.

Diagnostic Services

Looking Glass

The burble.dn42 looking glass is based on bird-lg-go with some local customisations. The source code for the looking glass is available on the burble.dn42 git.

The looking glass is hosted on de-fra1 and the public version is behind CloudFlare.

Pingable IP address

  • pingable.burble.dn42
  • fd42:4242:2601:ac05::1

pingable.burble.dn42 is a single IP address that will respond to ping and traceroute requests across the entire network.

This address may be used for automated reachability or latency tests, however please be considerate and configure a reasonable test frequency.

In all cases, do not set the ping frequency to be higher than once a second.

Speed Test Service

A speed test service is available in France and Canada.
Note that the service is currently available over IPv6 only at this time.

If the service ends up loading or disrupting the rest of the network then I may end up removing it, so remember this service is provided for your benefit and use responsibly.

Network Status and Reporting

Grafana Dashboards

The hosted grafana service has it’s own page here.

Uptime monitoring

Each node in the network is monitored by UptimeRobot with alerts if a node becomes unavailable.

Internal monitoring

Internally, nodes are measured by netdata which provides a real time view of each node. prometheus is then used to collect and store that data for historical reporting. grafana is used for visualisation.

Syslogs are exported in real time to a central logging node on the internal network.

Shell Accounts

The burble.dn42 shell service provides shell accounts for dn42 users who have SSH auth methods in the registry.
See the Shell Accounts page.


Service Name IP
Authoritative Service ns1.burble.dn42
Recursive Service dns.burble.dn42
DNS64 Service dns64.burble.dn42 fd42:4242:2601:ac53::64

burble.dn42 provides a local, anycast, authoritative and recursive DNS service.
The DNS Service has it’s own page.

DNS over HTTPs (DoH)

DNS over TLS

All services support DNS over HTTPs on port 443, and DNS over TLS on port 843.

Registry API Service and Explorer

dn42regsrv is a REST API for the DN42 registry that provides a bridge between interactive applications and the registry.

As well as the main REST API to the DN42 registry, the server can also generate ROA tables and provides a small web application for exploring registry data.

ROA Data

Route Origin Authorisation (ROA) tables are generated using dn42regsrv and published to the dn42.burble.com website for general use.

The JSON output file can be used with gortr to implement ROA checks via RPKI.
The Bird files can be used directly with Bird to implement ROA checks as detailed in the DN42 Wiki (Bird1 / Bird2).
The OpenBGPD files can be used directly with OpenBGPD to implement ROA checks as details in the DN42 Wiki OpenBGPD

URL  IPv4/IPv6  Description
https://dn42.burble.com/roa/dn42_roa_46.json    Both    DN42 ROA data in JSON format
https://dn42.burble.com/roa/dn42_roa_bird1_46.conf    Both    DN42 ROA data for use with Bird1
https://dn42.burble.com/roa/dn42_roa_bird1_4.conf    IPv4 Only    DN42 ROA data for use with Bird1
https://dn42.burble.com/roa/dn42_roa_bird1_6.conf    IPv6 Only    DN42 ROA data for use with Bird1
https://dn42.burble.com/roa/dn42_roa_bird2_46.conf    Both    DN42 ROA data for use with Bird2
https://dn42.burble.com/roa/dn42_roa_bird2_4.conf    IPv4 Only    DN42 ROA data for use with Bird2
https://dn42.burble.com/roa/dn42_roa_bird2_6.conf    IPv6 Only    DN42 ROA data for use with Bird2
https://dn42.burble.com/roa/dn42_roa_obgpd_46.conf    Both    DN42 ROA data for use with OpenBGPD
https://dn42.burble.com/roa/dn42_roa_obgpd_4.conf    IPv4 Only    DN42 ROA data for use with OpenBGPD
https://dn42.burble.com/roa/dn42_roa_obgpd_6.conf    IPv6 Only    DN42 ROA data for use with OpenBGPD

ROA data is cached via Cloudflare to provide fast local access, and an n8n script is used to update ROA data immediately following registry changes.


burble.dn42 related code and configuration is maintained in a local gitea repository.

PrivateBin Instance

burble.dn42 PrivateBin instance.

NTP Service

All servers in burble.dn42 provide a stable, high stratum NTP service using chrony.

The NTP service is exposed over DN42, and users are welcome to use any server in the burble.dn42 network as an NTP time server on either the public or DN42 networks.