burble.dn42 hosts a number of DN42 infrastructure services.


Service Name IP
DN42 Master b.master.delegation-servers.dn42 fd42:180:3de0:30::1
Authoritative Service b.delegation-servers.dn42
Recursive Service b.recursive-servers.dn42

burble.dn42 provides a local, anycast, authoritative and recursive DNS service.
The DNS Service has it’s own page.

DN42 Wiki Mirror

Mirror URLs
(editable via DN42)
(read-only via public internet)

burble.dn42 maintains a globally distributed mirror of the DN42 Wiki, and is part of the wiki.dn42 anycast group. The DN42 services (wiki.dn42 and wiki.burble.dn42) are editable, whilst the public internet views (dn42.dev and wiki.burble.com) are read-only.

Please note that updates to the wiki may take several hours to sync with other mirrors.

The service is provided by regional mirrors fronted by an nginx proxy that is itself anycasted across burble.dn42. The service is fully meshed and will continue to operate as long as at least one proxy and mirror is available.

Mirrors are located in the following locations:

  • dn42-de-fra1
  • dn42-ca-bhs2

Whois Service

  • whois.burble.dn42
  • fd42:4242:2601:ac43::1

WHOIS service providing data from the DN42 registry. The WHOIS service is also anycasted across the network.

The source code for the service is available in the burble.dn42 git.

Global Route Collector

The global route collector provides a central bird instance that collects routes from peers across the DN42 network.
All users are invited to join the collector and help provide stats for the network.

The route collector can currently be queried by using ssh to connect a bird shell or via a looking glass.
Additional services and stats are expected to be developed in the future.

DN42 Infrastructure Monitoring

burble.dn42 hosts monitoring and alerting of key DN42 services at https://grafana.burble.dn42.