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Things to do in DN42

What can you do in DN42 ? Ultimately, you’ll get out of DN42 what you put in to it, but I’ve listed here a few ideas that may serve as inspiration and the spark an idea.

This is deliberately not a set of instructions or a guide and it’s not a checklist of stuff you must do.
If you are interested in something there is plenty of public information available on all these topics.

Getting Started

  • Read up on how Internet peering works, and the tools and protocols that are used
  • Register your details in the DN42 registry
    • Do read the DN42 getting started guide
    • Do browse through the registry itself and use what other people did as examples
    • Do look through recent Pull Requests to see what is required and how to do it
  • Join the mailing list and #dn42 on hackint
    • DN42 is a great community with many knowledgable members. You can learn a lot from what other people are doing, or the problems they have, as well as getting your own network working
  • Get your first peer
    • use the peerfinder to find peers close to you, or ask on IRC
  • ping something on DN42
  • use a DN42 service

Congratulations, you’re connected to DN42 !

The Basics

  • Get more peers
    • Add 4 or 5 different peers
      • having several peers prevents having a dependency on a single peer and adds redundancy
      • provides you with a variety of different routes
      • learn how different peers manage their networks
  • How do you see which routes are being advertised and selected ?
    • Change route metrics and see how this influences selected routes
    • Optimise your routes across your peers
    • What is an optimal route anyway ?
  • How is your network being distributed across DN42 ?
    • How do you find out ?
    • Change how your routes are advertised to peers to influence the routing to your network across DN42
  • Set up DNS and resolve a host in the .dn42 hierarchy
  • Set up your own DNS server
    • Register a domain; set up forward and reverse DNS
  • Set up a blog/wiki and document your network
    • Make the pages available over DN42 and the Internet
  • Add your network to the peerfinder
  • Learn something new and add it to the DN42 Wiki


  • Secure your network
  • Distribute DN42 routes to another, internal node
    • Learn how to use an IGP and iBGP
  • Add two or more nodes to DN42 and peer with multiple AS
    • Distribute routes from all peers across the nodes in your network
  • How do you decide which routes are ‘best’ across the network ?
    • Optimise your routes to DN42
  • How do you manage multiple entry points to your network ?
    • What do other networks see ?
    • How do other networks decide which node to route to ?
  • Configure your network so that one node is preferred
    • Optimise how DN42 sees your network
  • Add two or more nodes in different continents
    • Why is that different ?
    • How do you optimise your network now ?
  • Implement ROA
  • Implement BGP communities
  • Help a new joiner connect to DN42
  • Resolve someone elses DN42 problem
  • Set up a looking glass
  • Set up a service that can be used by the rest of the DN42 community
    • Make it a ‘production’ service, add HA, monitoring and alerting
    • Secure your service
    • Use the DN42 CA
    • Add it to the wiki


  • Isolate your network
    • Using VRFs
    • Using Namespaces
  • Connect multiple nodes to the same peer AS in different geographic locations
    • Optimise the routes to the AS
    • Optimise the routes that the peer AS has to you
  • Monitor your network
    • How do you know it’s working well ?
    • (what does ‘working well’ mean ?)
    • provide public metrics
  • Create a virtual environmment to test changes
    • How do you make your virtual environment representative of DN42 ?
  • Volunteer to help with DN42 core services
  • System administration and automation
    • Patching and maintenance
    • Implement backups and DR
    • Automate the set up and configuration of your nodes
    • Automate adding peers

Even more

  • Make something new
    • What’s the latest software or network trend ?
    • implement it and learn how to use it
  • Make something experimental
    • Try out a cutting edge service or network technology and see if you can get it to work
    • What are the current challenges faced by the Internet ? How are they being solved ?
    • Can you replicate the problem and potential solutions in DN42 ?
  • Make something social
    • Create and share a community resource
  • Make something stable
    • Fine tune your network and nodes
    • DN42 changes all the time, how do you protect your network from other people breaking things ?
  • Make something small
    • Take something huge (DNS, CDNs, gmail, distributed computing, serverless, AI …) and shrink it down to your network, but using the same techniques as the global players to manage things
      • scale it up, and down
  • Make something corporate
    • Replicate a multi-datacentre corporate/organisation design
    • Grab your next job based on your experience ;)
  • Make it all again
    • There’s more than one way to do it; rebuild your network using a different design
    • How can you rebuild everything whilst minising the impact to everyone else ?
    • What did you learn ? What works better now ? What is worse ?
    • How can you do it again better next time ?

Final words

What can you do in DN42 ?

  • Do whatever is fun and interesting for you