burble.dn42 / Network / Abuse Policy

Abuse Policy

The burble.dn42 network has a zero tolerance policy on network abuse, both within burble.dn42 and across the wider DN42 network.

Abuse could include, but is not limited to:

  • Excessive use of resources
  • Hacking, viruses, trojans etc or any other disruption that could harm or create risk to the services or its users
  • Distribution of objectional content that could create a civil or criminal liability

The burble.dn42 network owner is the sole arbiter for determining what is deemed abuse and for any mitigations taken.

The owner may be contacted via [email protected].


Please direct any reports of abuse originating from the burble.dn42 network to the network owner: [email protected].

Abuse of DN42 and burble.dn42 resources

Remember that burble.dn42 network services (which includes peering and transit) cost real time and money to deliver, and yet are provided free so you may benefit from them. You have no rights to access the services, so be considerate in your usage such that other users can continue to get the same opportunities as you have.

Whilst the aim is to provide an open and neutral network, any actions that could be considered a risk or a threat to services, either directly against burble.dn42 or within the rest of the DN42 network may result in your use being unconditionally blocked, without warning, explanation or appeal. This could include blocking transit traffic, or removing access to the wider DN42 network, if deemed necessary.