Privacy Policy

In common with most websites, the burble.dn42 site and associated services may log any access you make and these logs contain your source IP address together with the page or service being accessed. If you are required to log in to access a burble.dn42 service, you should assume that the user id used for the service is also logged. Website and service logs are accessible only by the network administrators and used purely for diagnostic reasons and to prevent abuse. They are not shared in any way. Log retention varies depending on the service, but is at most, 1 month.

burble.dn42 services are provided by servers operating globally. Data processing may take place in any country where the network has a pop or presence.

The services provided by burble.dn42 make use of data contained within the DN42 Registry. This data may contain personal data that has been provided voluntarily by users of DN42 and which is then made public by this website or associated services. Please refer to the DN42 registry privacy policy for more information.

If you have any data privacy concerns or requests regarding burble.dn42 services you may contact [email protected].