burble.dn42 / Network / Overview


burble.dn42 is an experimental global network within DN42.

The network is well connected with a large number of peers, and hosts some of the DN42 core infrastructure.



All nodes in the burble.dn42 network are fully meshed with wireguard tunnels.
iBGP with BGP Confederations and a latency based metric are used as the interior routing protocol between nodes. iBGP is also fully meshed. and the configuration for both iBGP and wireguard tunnels is built using a number of Ansible scripts.

The current network design was introduced in December 2019; previous designs for the network have included a VXLAN overlay over the wireguard mesh to create a single layer 2 network, together with the use of OSPF as the IGP. Other variations have included using BABEL, and tinc.

Core Technologies

A selection of key technologies used within the network

  • Ubuntu - node operating system
  • Bird2 - routing daemon
  • LXD - for virtualisation and containers
  • Packer - for container builds
  • Alpine Linux - used for containers
  • Ansible - for deploying configuration