burble.dn42 is an experimental global network, and is currently the largest network wthin dn42.


I manage a number of virtual and dedicated servers that provide high quality time services for the NTP Pool Project. burble.dn42 is a project to integrate these servers with dn42, creating a globally connected set of POPs that are well connected to the dn42 network.

My NTP Pool Profile Page shows the status of each of my servers in the pool.


All nodes in the burble.dn42 network are fully meshed with wireguard tunnels. iBGP together with BGP Confederations are used as the routing protocol between nodes. iBGP is also fully meshed, and the configuration for both iBGP and wireguard tunnels is built using a number of Ansible scripts.

The current network design was introduced in December 2019; previous designs for the network have included a VXLAN overlay over the wireguard mesh to create a single layer 2 network, together with the use of OSPF as the IGP. Other variations have included using BABEL, and tinc.

Network Map

Network Status

Status Page provided by UptimeRobot